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Explantion of blog posts beyond this point

Just in case you were wondering the blog post before this one is the first one created on this site.

Everything after this post was created later, but given an okld date so it didn't appear at the top of the list.

This is so we could have extra fixed pages for other information that is relevant to the discussion of S.

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Margin Notes

A few people have mentioned this in discussions so we thought it would be a good idea to try and make sense of the timeline surrounding the margin notes and different pen colours.

There are a couple of versions one from melvillean2 and one from ObFuSc8

Footnotes and Ciphers

The footnotes below were imported from ebook of Ship of Theseus as text and without formatting found in actual book or ebook. The formatting may be important to understanding some of the ciphers, so please refer to published versions for exactness.

This post may containing spoilers, notes on ciphers solved and those on which we are working. Color coding as been added for better understanding.

You can reach us at sfiles22blog @ gmail dot com.

Art in the Margins

This is compilation of artwork in the margins of S.

Do the doodles mean anything ? If you have any theories then let us know in the comments.

Title page, Eye rolling

Also appears on page 102

page (xiii) - "S" black ink

page 10 - square, blue ink

page 55 - spider web, blue ink

page 98 - bird on a wire, black felt tip

page 104 - cartoon bomb, blue felt tip

page 159 - X, black felt tip

page 156 - fragments, black felt tip

page 192 - boot print, orange pen

page 194 - TIME, orange pen

page 198 - bubbles, blue pen

page 209 - wind, blue pen

page 216 - xxxxx blood drops, red pen

page 233 - book, black felt tip

page 259 - obsidian pendent?, blue pen

page 275 - tree, moon, purple pen

page 291 - ship wheel, black felt tip

page 306 - hook, black felt tip

page 322 - radio tower transmitting, purple pen

page 342 - petroglyphs from island, radiant sun, open eye, three slender fish in a triangle, lighting bolt, a spider .. other glyphs are mentioned in text, 15-20 of them, bird of prey, radiant sun, open hand, windmill blades, ram's horn spiral, a snake, a wold, a bird

page 402 - map of location of Bouchard estate, Nova Scotia?

This is not a margin note, but is part of the Ship of Theseus book, but is included here just to highlight it.

page 407 - hour glass, purple pen

page 428 - monkey, black felt tip

List of Book Inserts

List of inserts courtesy of Tess315, pictures courtesy of PatMc4Fun

Translator's notes and foreword between pgs 2&3 or {vi} & {vii} - Mimeographed/ copied sheets - 2 sheets one in Swedish and one in English

Letter head is from Uppsala University

Chapter Ship of Theseus page 11 Stationery Pollard State University

Page 20-21 Copy of book page The Burning Word: The 1759 fire that destroyed San Tadeo...

Page 32-33 Newspaper clipping The Daily Pronghorn Welcome Back to Campus!

Page 54-55 Copy of 2 telegrams one in German Des Deutschen Reiches Postal Telegraph The International System - McKay's Magazine Boston

Chapter The Emersion of S. page 69 Copy of newspaper clipping Lampa

Page 86-87 Green stationery to Mr. Hirsch from Jean -Bernard Desjardins

Page 100-101 Gray stationery 2 sheets from Jen to Eric

Page 112-113 Post Card from Brazil from E

Page 130-131 Photograph of brick wall w/ arch faint S in brick

Page 178-179 Post Card Native Birds of Brazil from E

Page 190-191 Crimped edged post card of gate and tall palms from E

Page 192-193 Post Card Brazil beach from E

Page 200-201 Crimped edge post card pictorial Brazil - like a map - from E

Page 203 A Sleeping Dog Yellow legal note paper 3 sheets hand written

Page 242-243 Small crimped edged black & white photo of a woman on deck near a ship stamp on back 8NG

Page 256-257 Card with a monkey on front newspaper clipping inside - obituary - from E P

Page 306-307 Napkin Pronghorn Java with map drawn on it.

Page 360-361 A card with a hooded person holding a bird Jean-Bernard Desjardins on back a quote by V M Straka

Page 376-377 Hand written letter on Pollard State University stationery from Jen to Eric

Page 416-417 Blue and white stationery To my new friends:

Back of book - A compass / decoder ring

List of Websites

This is a list of the websites associated with the book S.

Where we are not sure we will say so, but we won't put anything on here unless we are fairly certain there is a link to the book.

The websites are listed in order of appearance, so the most recent one to be discovered is at the top.


In the whole experience that is S. the number 19 has appeared a large number of times.

We are fairly sure this is not a coincidence so this reference page will try and collate all the places where 19 appears. One thing we won't do is list everywhere a year beginning with 19, appears as there are many of these and may confuse things.

If you have the details of any other places where 19 appears let us know in the comments.

     - General

Ship of Theseus is V M Straka's 19th published novel (confirmed by Radio Straka and within the margin notes)

S is the 19th letter of the alphabet.

V M Straka's 8th novel is called The Black Nineteen.

Obituario - F. X. Caldeira died on 19 May at his home...

Ibirapitanga postcard from E to J dated 19 April

Telegramm to Karst & Son November 19, 1924

     - Radio Straka

Radio Straka mentioned the next transmission should be 19 days and 19 hours after the last.

     - Title Page

Eric notes to return the book to room B19

     - Foreword

Page (ix) - Eric mentions "The Black Nineteen", another of Straka's books, and calls it B19

     - Chapter 1

Page 7 - There are 19 organs that are hired out.

Xeroxed page from "The Burning Word" - 19 monks at the Abbey - "the other 18 brothers" were apparently thought not to have escaped the fire.

Page 26 - Footnote "in the field of nineteen entrants, he had come 19th

Page 27 - Every 19th at 1900 hrs

Page 28 - Pencil note - 19 Sailors - 19 Books

Page 30 - Footnote 7 - 1900 saw the anonymous...

     - Chapter 2

Page 40 - Margin note, 19 pieces of Obsidian

Page 51 - Telegram Insert sent on 19th of November 1924

     - Chapter 3

Lampa newspaper cliping - Vaclav Straka was thought to have committed suicide at age 19

     - Chapter 5

Page 192 / 193 - Insert Brazil postcard sent on 19th of April
(also this was in the original marketing for S.)

     - Chapter 6

Page 222 - Eric margin note - "...YOU DROP THE CENTURY #S (19,18,17,ETC)"

Page 244 - Reference to artist Omar Tisatashar Jen has annotated the name with "19 ?" in blue ink.

(Tisatashar appears to be the Arabic word / pronunciation for 19)

Page 225 - Footnote 9 - "He argued that while these were separate conceptions of individual identity, they were equally true, as were seventeen other “Lesser Variant-Selves” between those two endpoints."

     - Interlude

Page 299 - E margin note on title, 'MIMICS PLOT STRCTURE OF BLACK 19'

Page 300 - Black Nineteen mentioned in both footnotes, and twice in E margin note.

Page 322 - “The broadcasts occur every nineteen days and nineteen hours—S.’s timing is impeccable—and the next one will begin tonight at eight”

Page 332 - J and E Margin note, 'I hit it with the first one I tried. Guess?' '19' 'Yup'

     - Chapter 8

Page 334 - “The man and woman are young, nineteen or twenty at most.”

The only chapter with footnote number 19 (Page 365)

Page 365 - footnote 19, the year 1919 is mentioned

Page 368 - “The blasting of the hills continues. Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen…”

     - Chapter 9

Page 403 - Margin note (Jen) "Newspapers in Marseille reported this : 3/19/48. It happened."

Page 411 - “He sees the barracks in which the wine-drowned woman slept during the nineteen years she labored in VĂ©voda’s employ. ”

Straka Bibliography

This is a list of known V M Straka works, based on the list insode Ship of Theseus, if there are any inaccuracies please let us know.

Miracle at Braxenholm (1911)

Discussed by Radio Straka

Cover image source -

The Cordillera

The Square

The Painted Cave

The Santana March

Triptych of Mirrors

The Spotted Cat (1924)

Discussed by Radio Straka

The Black Nineteen (1925)

Discussed by Radio Straka

A Hundred Aprils in Amritsar

Discussed by Radio Straka

The Viper's Humor

Discussed by Radio Straka

Washington & Greene (1929)

Discussed by Radio Straka

Hanging the Dead

Discussed by Radio Straka


Discussed by Radio Straka

The Night Palisades (1934)

Discussed by Radio Straka

The Brigade

Discussed by Radio Straka

Wineblood's Mine (1939)

Discussed by Radio Straka

The Winged Shoes of Emydio Alves (1942)

Discussed by Radio Straka

Cover image source -

Coriolis (1944)

Discussed by Radio Straka

Ship Of Theseus (1949)

Discussed by Radio Straka