Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Art in the Margins

This is compilation of artwork in the margins of S.

Do the doodles mean anything ? If you have any theories then let us know in the comments.

Title page, Eye rolling

Also appears on page 102

page (xiii) - "S" black ink

page 10 - square, blue ink

page 55 - spider web, blue ink

page 98 - bird on a wire, black felt tip

page 104 - cartoon bomb, blue felt tip

page 159 - X, black felt tip

page 156 - fragments, black felt tip

page 192 - boot print, orange pen

page 194 - TIME, orange pen

page 198 - bubbles, blue pen

page 209 - wind, blue pen

page 216 - xxxxx blood drops, red pen

page 233 - book, black felt tip

page 259 - obsidian pendent?, blue pen

page 275 - tree, moon, purple pen

page 291 - ship wheel, black felt tip

page 306 - xxxxx..fish hook, black felt tip

page 322 - radio tower transmitting, purple pen

page 342 - petroglyphs from island, radiant sun, open eye, three slender fish in a triangle, lighting bolt, a spider .. other glyphs are mentioned in text, 15-20 of them, bird of prey, radiant sun, open hand, windmill blades, ram's horn spiral, a snake, a wold, a bird

page 402 - map of location of Bouchard estate, Nova Scotia?

This is not a margin note, but is part of the Ship of Theseus book, but is included here just to highlight it.

page 407 - hour glass, purple pen

page 428 - monkey, black felt tip


  1. Very nicely done with pics! Thanks

  2. There's also an square Jen doodled in blue ballpoint (p. 10) when Eric claimed he didn't really lie to her about his name.

    I realize it's more of an emotican than a doodle, but should we add their "rolling eyes" doodle? (title page, p102,...)

    Heh, I may have squeed a little when I saw a Wheel and a Radio Tower. Not to mention "TIME" (which is also capitalized in FN's and which FXC describes as having been incorporated into the Eotvos Syndrome.)

  3. Thanks, I've added those two in, but I added the title page version of eye rolling as it has the description right next to it :-)

  4. For the Pg 402 map- Jen says in black cursive note it is "maybe a day by train" away from their location, which Eric on 423 says is in Prague. Got the impression around the time of those notes they were staying in the apartment there for awhile- they talk about choosing it, and it being cold. And it does seem that they are sharing a pen and writing in the book in one room, and leaving it there to go back and look at.

    1. The novel on pg410 talks about Veldova's Chateau being on the Mediterranean- I suppose you could get there in a day from Prague. The Eotvos Wheel website mentions that some think the map leads to the treasure of Covarrubias.

    2. I wonder if we ought to catalogue where we think J + E have been throughout their time in the book.

    3. Doesn't the book suggest foothills of French Pyrenees? That is consistent with the woman who drew it who washed ashore on Cap de Bol that is not far (on the coast of spanish pyrenees foothills).

    4. I'm more persuaded by it being in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. The Mediterranean appears to flow south from the French Pyrenees to Cap de Bol in Spain, where the woman was found.

      The book also refers to 'Mediterranean Fog' which clouds their approach in the opening of Ch.10 which also suggests it is on the South East Coast of France. Looking at the map I'd say it was around Perpignan/Port Vedres. I can't see anything that matches the map, but then again the map is fairly crude and requires us to take what it says literally as the location. Also we know Jen has looked where the map shows, as the margin notes say she has.

      I can't help but feel fn.1 in Ch. 10 tells us that locating the estate isn't going to be easy, even if it is also referring to the codes in Ch. 10's footnotes.

  5. What does CF at the footnote represent? I get so confused. Is it Cape Fortuna?

    1. oh I get it... "compare to" isn't it?

    2. That one doesn't have as much common usage as, for example, e.g. - does it?

    3. They mean different things and in academic settings, cf. is pretty common when you want and abbreviation for comparison. E.g. you would use to enumerate examples.

  6. Given that I finished House of Leaves right before reading S., I'm convinced the blue square on p. 10 is a reference to it (in HoL it's used to denote a reference that goes down into the book rather than across the page... ) But I could just be imagining things.

    1. M - I love this idea. Tell us more about "down into the book rather than across" - that resonates with other themes we have seen in "S".

    2. While we wait for M to tell us more, here are some thoughts on The Truth About Jen's Empty Blue Square in the Marginalia.

    3. Could it have anything to do with 'Visiting Philosophy Professor Marvin M. Wenke of Stennett University who won the 2011 MacInnes Philosophy Prize for his book 'Are You A Torus: Shapes of Self""? The article about him is on the bottom right on the back of The Daily Pronghorn insert.

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