Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Catalog Of Letters

While searching for some more information I came across something on the Hachette Book Group Catalog page

There is a link to the catalog for the Little Brown and Company, it is rather a large PDF file (81.8 mb) but included in it are two snippets of interest.

The first is shown to the left, it is a general letter about future publishing, and includes this paragraph about S. -

"Our Fall 2013 list may well send you off the cliff. J.J. Abrams - one of our world's most creative, brilliant, and canny storytellers - leads the list with a collaborative novel with PEN Hemingway-nominate novellist Doug Dorst. It's a book that is so surprising we cannot reveal its contents. It's a story for J.J.'s millions of fans, a story for people who love books. I can promise that there is nothing in this book that will not surprise you."

The second letter is contained on the catalog page for the novel, I'll let you read it yourself, but it gives an insight into where the novel originated for J.J.

The only other real information on the page is that the book will be 352 pages long.

Stranger Video

A few days ago a new video appeared on a new Bad Robot YouTube channel

So what links this video to the book ?

Well really there is nothing concrete to go on, apart from one element, this has been reported on a few websites including this one from BleedingCool.com. The font used for the caption at the end of the video appears to be the same as the one used on the original promotional banner at the Book Bloggers Conference in Book Expo America, see our first overview post for more details of that.

The Mystery Of S.

The mystery of S. PostcardA new blog has appeared, but what's it all about ?

If I said we don't know I'd be lying, but only slightly !

I'll try and explain what is happening from the information that is available, mostly gathered by other people admittedly, but hopefully we can use this blog as a forum to search for new clues and updates as they appear.

What we are talking about is a novel conceived and written by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst, more than just a novel though that hopefully you will see by reading on.