Tuesday, 25 February 2014

For What It's worth - Jen Heyward

It seems Jen Heyward has found something special.

Twitter user @TK10815 tweeted a link to an i09 article that linked us to this Jen Heyward Tumblr blog.

The tumblr page has a few interesting items, the most significant of which is a translation of some manuscript pages written in the Czech language. Thankfully someone called I. Svobodov√° has translated it to English for Jen and each page appears as an image on the blog.

We are off to read the new words and see if / where they fit in S.

*** Update having examined the new pages, they appear to be part of chapter 10 and our current theory is that they start close to the top of page 451.

Underneath the new pages is this image, it appears to be part of a dossier about Straka, and has an obituary from the Baltimore Bugle-Dispatch. The re is a hand written note, (circled) which says "Bouchard Property)

In the background of the picture there is what appears to be some photograph contact strip images and a copy of Miracle at Braxenholm.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Word Book Stores Ask Doug Dorst

A few days ago Word Book Stores had an ask Doug Dorst event using Tumblr as the platform.

You can read the whole set of questions and answers by clicking here to go to the Word Book Stores Tumblr page.

Lots of interesting answers to questions, and a few enigmatic answers as well, one of my favourites being this one.

Not sure if that means Straka is Arthur Dent or he is one of Jacob's candidates, but the answer may make sense one day.

Another thing that the interview revealed is that there are still things out there on the web for us to find, so if you are still looking you aren't completely wasting your time. Any thoughts on what may be left to find would be much appreciated !

One final thing on the WBS website is the Events listing. It mentions there is a book group discussion on S. tonight, I don't know if that is in store or online, but if you know which then we would love to know more about the discussions.

Notes From Many Islands

As things aren't exactly moving at a break neck pace on this site at the moment it would be remiss of us if we didn't explicitly mention some of the people that are digging in to S. at depths that will probably make your head spin.

I thoroughly recommend that if you are intrigued by the mysteries in S. you have a look at these blogs, you may not get the answers you are seeking but you will get a whole load of related information.

First up, mainly because of the epic journey and examination of the materials in the 42nd Street Library is @Sistertsion, who runs the The Monkey Dance (falling down the S rabbit hole) blog.

Then we have @CFish6 who is also down the S. rabbit hole with the Monkeys and Rabbit Holes blog

Next up is @JillaggieARG with the DT Made Me Do IT blog

Also @MyTheseus / Mystimus who has been a part of the S. journey ever since I can remember with the Who Is Straka blog, not related to the other Who Is Straka site as far as I know :-)

Finally, and speaking of Who Is Straka, a mention of @jordan_byron who is concentrating his effort on that particular website on his blog Notes From A Standing Desk.