Wednesday, 30 October 2013

S. Is Out There

So do you have the book yet ? From what I have read about it everyone is a little confused and delighted at the same time.

My copy has not arrived yet and I can't get one from a store so I will have to rely on all of you for information.

Before getting on to the book, you may wonder why there is a picture of a magpie or, as we learned from the Radio Straka broadcasts, a Straka, on this post.

Well today @RadioStraka was back and posted this picture. Then The Guardian website also posted a picture of the bird in question.

Does this mean that we will get other real world clues or signs ? To paraphrase Radio Staka, Who can say, yes who can say.

Back to the book we don't want to openly post solutions to every mystery right away, especially as we don't know the answers to a lot of them and I suspect we don't even know some of the questions yet. If you want to discuss the book and it's contents please head on over to the discussion post, by clicking the tab at the top of this site or clicking here.

First lets start off gently and list the items that come inserted into the book, not in detail, but just to give a flavor of what you will see. List courtesy of Tess315

Translator's notes and foreword between pgs 2&3 or {vi} & {vii} - Mimeographed/ copied sheets - 2 sheets one in German or Swedish and one in English

Chapter Ship of Theseus page 11 Stationary Pollard State University

Page 20-21 Copy of book page The Burning Word: The 1759 fire that destroyed San Tadeo-----

Page 32-33 Newspaper clipping The Daily Pronghorn Welcome Back to Campus!

Page 54-55 Copy of 2 telegrams one in German Des Deutschen Reiches
Postal Telegraph The International System - McKay's Magazine Boston

Chapter The Emersion of S. page 69 Copy of newspaper clipping Lampa

Page 86-87 Green stationary to Mr. Hirsch from Jean -Bernard Desjardins

Page 100-101 Gray stationary 2 sheets from Jen to Eric

Page 112-113 Post Card from Brazil from E

Page 130-131 Blank post card of brick wall w/ arch faint S in brick

Page 178-179 Post Card Native Birds of Brazil from E

Page 190-191 Crimped edged post card of gate and tall palms from E

Page 192-193 Post Card Brazil beach from E

Page 200-201 Crimped edge post card pictorial Brazil - like a map- from E

Page 203 A Sleeping Dog Yellow legal note paper 3 sheets hand written

Page 242-243 Small crimped edged black & white photo of a woman on deck near a ship stamp on back 8NG

Page 256-257 Card with a monkey on front newspaper clipping inside - obituary- from E P

Page 306-307 Napkin Pronghorn Java with map drawn on it.

Page 360-361 A card with a hooded person holding a bird Jean-Bernard Desjardins on back a quote by V M Straka

Page 376-377 Hand written letter on Pollard State University stationary from Jen to Eric

Page 416-417 Blue and white stationary To my new friends:

Back of book A decoder ring


  1. Tess315 is awesome for making that list.

  2. In case anyone is looking here for the list, theatre is now a dedicated page for the inserts, and we hope to enhance it with pictures soon.

    Just look at the references link bar under the header image at the top of the site.


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