Thursday, 16 January 2014

Many Warblings

A few small updates for you in one easy to digest post.

First we have had Jana contact us to say the following about the Lampa newspaper clipping -

In the insert pg. 69 (Czech headline) there is a grammatical error. It should have been divákY. This version (diváků) is wrong and would only work in combination with "skokem diváků", which would mean: (Suicide shocks by) "a leap BY witnesses". Wasn't there speculation that members of S. Jumped after Straka in order to save him?

(By the way: "Opice-Tance" is not a proper way how a Czech would write the term "Monkey Dances")

So mistake or clue ?

Next, in case you didn't see it in the comments, Jordan is putting together a task force to see if a co-ordinated effort can decipher the mystery of

Read more on Jordan's blog - Notes From A Standing Desk

Finally for this post the BOLO Books Blog has published an interview with Doug Dorst.

The interview talks about Ciphers, the books creation and Stephen King, head on over to the Bolo Books blog and read the interview

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