Tuesday, 25 February 2014

For What It's worth - Jen Heyward

It seems Jen Heyward has found something special.

Twitter user @TK10815 tweeted a link to an i09 article that linked us to this Jen Heyward Tumblr blog.

The tumblr page has a few interesting items, the most significant of which is a translation of some manuscript pages written in the Czech language. Thankfully someone called I. Svobodov√° has translated it to English for Jen and each page appears as an image on the blog.

We are off to read the new words and see if / where they fit in S.

*** Update having examined the new pages, they appear to be part of chapter 10 and our current theory is that they start close to the top of page 451.

Underneath the new pages is this image, it appears to be part of a dossier about Straka, and has an obituary from the Baltimore Bugle-Dispatch. The re is a hand written note, (circled) which says "Bouchard Property)

In the background of the picture there is what appears to be some photograph contact strip images and a copy of Miracle at Braxenholm.


  1. So it is definitely an alternative for the last few pages, I think it starts on page 451, and takes over from the word destroyed near the top of the page.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on where it could start or take over ?

  2. Also is the Baltimore Bugle Dispatch image another insert ?

    The handwritten note says "Bouchard Holding"

  3. I did a quick check and there is an http://erichusch.tumblr.com/ page, no posts on it yet though.

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  5. Well, whether it is official or not, this is very exciting! These are few of my thoughts:

    - Comment by Jen about McKay "No surprise, if this is what passed for literary criticism in its pages" sounds a bit more "scholarly" than how she has written in the marginalia. Jen uses plain language in her notations. This type of observation is a bit more "mature" than she has displayed before. Then again, a year has passed. Maybe Eric has rubbed off on her. Sound more Eric than Jen though.

    - Typewriter for Czech language page of Ch. 10 does not match typewriter of VMS letter to Grahn (see Comparison of typewriter image)

    - 2nd person narrative shift occurs only once in Ship of Theseus in the Interlude regarding Agent #24 on p. 311. While the shift also occurs on the alternate pages in reference to an unknown agent, it is an oddity worth noting. Agent #24 appears to die in the Interlude so it would not seem the "you" of the alternate pages of Ch. 10 are Agent #24.

    - The alternate pages would not appear to be the pages that FXC provides to Eric and Jen. Jen notes that those pages features many women and Jen notes she is glad that FXC did not look at them. These pages do not have this type of reference. This would only indicate that the provenance of these pages would not be the same pages in the envelope provided by FXC.

    - The obit of Straka offers a publication year for Santana March not offered previously as I can tell. Perhaps I have not noted it previously. The year offered in the obit is 1922. This is a reasonable year to offer since Painted Cave was written in 1919 and Spotted Cat is listed as 1924

    - The handwriting on the photograph is unknown. It is not Eric's usual printed all cap block text or Jen's script. I suppose that could be Eric's script that we have never seen before noting the Bouchard holding on the obit. The "Eotvos Wheel" script is reminiscent of Jen but nothing else seems to be.

  6. The windows in the background of the translated text are from eotvoswheel.com (the post with the picture of the Bouchard prize and the monkey) on the left and the cover of The Winged Shoes of Emydio Alves on the right.

  7. I asked Jana to check the Czech. Jana said it was perfect. The Czech page does not appear to have the same strange issues as the Lampa insert. I asked Jana about a particular word that would not machine translate: “nepobloudilo." Jana noted that this word is "ancient". I guess similar to the many antiquated words that we find in S. in English. Jana noted that it is a word that can be found in the Bible. Jana noted that while the given definition is "aberrancy", Jana noted it was "more like “the mind being misled in a substantial way” or the senses being misled, being prey to a big error…." This word is used in this English translated passage ""...S. wonders if the air in the cellars is fogging his mind."

  8. Lots of new clues here about who or what the monkey is supposed to represent. I still don't get it, but I'm a little dense sometimes. I loved how he saw S as "transparent" and could see that S's head was filled with many voices, each of them his own. So true of any writer! Anybody have a theory?

    1. Don't feel bad, I'm not sure that many people, if any, know what the monkey means yet. And I'm not one of them. Happy rabbit holes!

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  10. Hi. On the insistence of Clare Fish, I did some digging on the one antiquated word in the Czech text. Jana was kind enough to provide the various forms of the word and noted that it appeared in the Bible. Contextually, it's a strange word. Anyway, my thoughts are here.

  11. Doug Dorst tweeted the Jen Tumblr Blog today, 4/3/2014. Strange timing since it's been around for awhile. He said only: "Straka's original ending found?" and a truncated owly link for the blog.

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