Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I must admit to being slow to recognise the significance of this map, I saw it a few days ago from a comment by Tonzi in the Cipher Explanations page and didn't realise what it was.

If you haven't finished the book yet you may not want to read on.

Then last night @MyTheseus on Twitter pointed out a new blog post on WhoIsStraka.WordPress.com which had the same conclusion, although arrived at via a different thought process.

Firstly the map is quite important as it explains the relationship of the coordinate system to the codes used, they are linear as you can see and these aren't locations from the book, these are all coordinates that can be found when LONOE is in the wheels window.

When you look at the map you can see that Maraú in Brazil (blue pin) is close to this line, on the postcard dated the 20th of April (insert on page 201) Eric writes that he is near this place.

So the conclusion is that the missing letters L O N O E are actually a pointer to the location of FXC should Straka have ever picked up the message hidden in the footnote cipher.

Tonzi very kindly created this as a Google map for us all to use and see this linear relationship.


  1. Hi all! I thought I had posted a reply to Tonzi's comment yesterday, but now can't find it. Blogger must have eaten it.

    I meant to say, I think Tonzi is absolutely right. Well done. The map is an especially nice added touch.

    This was what I had meant when I posted that Calais may be some other kind of hint/clue that needed to be worked "backwards" in my posts of the Chapter 10 Eötvös Wheel solution. But I never really went back & clarified how, and at the time still thought it may lead to coordinates for Vévoda's estate.

    To be clear though, while the relationship between coordinate pairs on a given (fixed) position of the Wheel is always linear (ΔLat / ΔLong = 97/187), the graphic representation of these points is ONLY linear on a flat representation of the Earth. On a 3D map, the graphic representation looks more like a double ended scoll/spiral, somewhat like a backwards "S" (though that may be coincidental).

  2. I realise that this is late, I only realised this now but LONOE is 33*S, 71*W, which is Santiago, Chile. Ft.5 only mentions Santiago, not specifying the country. Maybe the doubling of place names is significant here, considering that if you put Santiago, Chile after Santiago, Spain you fit LONOE exactly where it should go.

    1. As romantic as the FXC to Malais theory is it doesn't really make sense. The code in (i think) ch. 3 said that she would wait for 10 years then go. If VMS didn't pop up in 10 years its a pretty sure bet that he died.


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