Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Something or Nothing ?

A few hours ago @CannongateBooks tweeted this picture with the accompanying words of "Page twelve, line two, word seven"

It is a copy of page 12 and on that page the second line word seven is "something"

At first glance the page appears to be the same but lots of analysis on this page needs to take place to uncover something we may have missed, if you have any theories please post them in the comments below.

*** Update *** we have had another tweet by @CannongateBooks - "Page 327, line 21, words 4 and 5"

If I can count correctly this gives us "is coming" so we have "Something is coming", anyone got a theory on what that something might be ?

*** Update *** We have had a third tweet - "'page 350, line twelve, word eleven and line thirteen word one'#StrakaNews "

So we now have "Something is coming you can"
*** Update *** another message from Cannongate, this time the word is "buy"

"Something is coming you can buy" - which doesn't fill us with a lot of confidence that this is anything more than a marketing ploy, but we will stick with it for now.
*** Update *** The next word has arrived "Page 440, line 11, word seven #StrakaNews" - "Something is coming you can buy signed"
*** Update *** The eight word has been revealed "page 21, line 16, word one" - "Something is coming you can buy signed books" - We are assuming the question mark isn't relevant here.

There we have it, the final piece of the puzzle, you can indeed purchase a 1st edition copy of S. from the Canongate books online store along with a signed bookplate.


  1. I wonder if it is anything to do with the Summersby tapes reference on this page ?

    I'll have a listen again when I can but that is likely to be tomorrow evening at the earliest

  2. Maybe we should send a message back?

  3. A third tweet, update the main post.

    This time it is a little odd that the picture sent is a .gif rather than a .png

    I don't think there is any animation to it, just an oddity.

  4. Thanks for keeping on top of this even if it turns out to be an advert of some sort!

  5. Please be a sequel!

  6. Looks like it is pure marketing, but an interesting way of doing it !

  7. Be sure to drink your ovaltine


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