Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hidden By Clouds

@MCrinitus has been able to send us a new message, firstly pointing us again to transmission 4 of Radio Straka.

I say again as the previous evenings small puzzle of the picture of Ariadne's thread had also led us to transmission 4 of Radio Straka.

Next we received this cryptic message, followed closely by the part page of text below.

This text contains a hidden message and if you want to see the solution then you can reveal it below.

Click here to see the solution

If you examine the text closely you can see some underlined letters which in themselves are not a word, if you then look at the tweet clue and the text in the passage "..each time I approached they would step to the left.."

You take the letter to the left of each underlined letter and you get the word "miracle"

Our reward for solving the puzzle appears to be page 236 of the V M Straka book Miracle at Braxenholm

This book is discussed by Jen and Eric in the margin notes of Chapter 1 of S.


  1. Eule may refer to owl butterfly - genus caligo - which flies at dusk. Soare may mean sun. Dark and light.


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