Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Three More Chapter 10 Alternatives Uncovered

As you will have seen yesterday evening we published an alternative version of the end of chapter 10 of Ship of Theseus.

Previously we had an alternative from Jen Heyward on her Tumblr Blog The Jen Heyward Tumblr which had the translation reference of 273.

Then a couple of days ago translation reference 289 was released by @CFish6, @SisterTsion, and @justingarver

Yesterday we published translation reference 290 which has also been published by this French blog

Then today translation reference 291 was published by @JillaggieARG, @Osfourcage and

If you look at the translation numbers 273 to 291 implies that there are potentially 19 versions of chapter 10 to uncover.


  1. All very exciting. I'm waiting impatiently for my version! So far, however, none has arrived. I have received equally exciting notices from Oil Change Coupons, Online Nursing Degree, Gucci, Mate1 Dating, a private message from Aundrea-Botting (!), and Dental Dentures. I assume these are NOT our anonymous sender.

    Any thoughts as to what will trigger the remaining versions to be sent?

  2. I wonder if they will be drip fed through some small puzzles or tests ?

  3. Just a thought, meaningless probably.... 4 notes, quartet, 4 line stanzas. Seems a lot of fours in the clues. It's always those damn numbers for me.

    Are we assuming Jen and Eric are releasing the altversions via FX? Or, are they creating altversions from Prague? What is the email address if the sender? Sorry if this has been mentioned before.


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