Saturday, 20 December 2014

S.earch Book 5

*** Update *** The 5th book has been found !

It was indeed in a Little Free Library cabinet and @enaxor tweeted the picture of it.

The LFL box was located between SE Kelly St & SE Tibbitts St on 31st Avenue, the clues pointed to an area between Franklyn St and Brooklyn St, and East of SE 28th Ave, West of SE 33rd Ave, which I have tried to show on this map.
The hunt has started.

This quote we have seen Doug Dorst tweet before, The Who Is Straka blog has an article that mentions it's first appearance.
Clue 2

Possibly referring to Powells City Of Books
Clue 3

Possibly leading to Bushell & Peck Bakeshop

Also possibly Mose code for SE ? - Confirmed
Clue 4

Secret for a Nightingale book by Victoria Holt

Catherine Called Birdy book by Karen Cushmen

Fresh Ways with Poultry - Anonymous author ?

Refers to the books in the LFL cabinet where S. was located
Clue 5

C Notes refers to Franklyn i.e. anything above (North of) Franklyn St.

Nets refers to the Brooklyn Nets team, and means anything below (South of) Brooklyn St.

Between walls means between the two Avenues, which are described by the next two clues.
Clue 6

Book of Job CHAPTER 28

Refers to 28th Avenue
Clue 7

Book of Daniel Chapter 8 VERSE 33

Refers to 33rd Avenue
Clue 8

Simple the word "Little" as part of the Little Free Libraries location
Clue 9

A Free album cover

Second part of the Little Free Libraries location
Clue 10

Probably referencing Little Free Library - confirmed


  1. New clue on Twitter, I think it must be the in the Little Free Library on Tibbetts street. Maybe that's too obvious, I don't get any of the other clues.

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