Saturday, 23 November 2013

Doug Dorst and J J Abrams in New York

If you were following the conversation on Twitter yesterday you will have read all the fun that Mr Dorst and Mr Abrams were having in New York.

I will try and sum up some of that information and point you to where you can see more of the events.

First of all J J Abrams was at the NYC Soho Apple store, he was doing a live chat and this was also being relayed via twitter by @iBooks and @Bad_Robot

I have created a Storify version of the chat for you to read if you want to. Not related to the chat but interesting for us, while I was over at Storify I noticed there was a page for Radio Straka created by Anna Frame.

Anyway back to the book chat, most of the questions were the usual things people ask about the book and it's creation, but at the end there was something quite interesting for us.

@AmandaKennedyuk, who is a follower of this blog, asked a question about whether there is something major we have yet to uncover. The response was first that there are quite a lot of things hidden online, but then this clue was given - "TEN". In typical J J Abrams style nothing is easy ! Does this mean there are 10 websites, we have to solve something big in chapter 10 (have we already solved that ?), is this a reference to the roman numeral X ? Answers on a postcard from Brazil please, or in the comments if yow want.

So now on to the next part of the event, where the picture at the top of this post comes from courtesy of Paul (@TK10815) who was at the event.

I haven't got much detail yet from this part of the event, but Paul did take a short snippet of video which is on Instagram. He also mentioned that the full chat will be online at some point on the iTunes Meet The Author pages.

As soon as that is available we will update this post and send the information on twitter.

*** Update *** This is now live.

As you can see from the picture Paul got to meet Doug Dorst and have a photo taken with him. Paul said this after the event - "Thanks for being a gentleman and a scholar, @dougdorst, for answering (&avoiding) my questions after the NYC Apple chat tonight"

Paul also said on his Instagram page for this picture that "Doug then thanked everyone at SFiles22 for their passion and commitment. He's well aware of the blog and what is being posted there :)"

So I think it is appropriate to say Hello Mr Dorst, we really appreciate your work on the enigma that is S. and are still puzzling away at the mysteries.

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