Saturday, 16 November 2013

Making Connections

A couple of things were tweeted to us in the last week and I thought they might be of interest.

First of all is something sent by @MyTheseus, who have their own connections to S. with the name and profile picture !

The information sent was about the poster image you can see here and the Etsy store where it came from.

On page 225 in footnote 10 "Fukuzawa Yukichi" is mentioned and it is underlined, probably by Eric. On the Etsy store listing it says "...Boilerplate has recently been optioned by Paramount Studios for a major motion picture to be produced by J.J. Abrams." Doing a search for Boilerplate and J J Abrams shows the news was mostly from 2011, so not exactly a new connection.

I would put this in the Easter Egg category rather than the clue category, but it is a nice thing to find.

Next we have the movie "The Ship of Theseus", I had been aware of this, but @tikirama mentioned a connection to the book which was interesting.

While the name and main theme of the movie is obviously a connection, on page 101 of the book Eric writes about Hollywood versions of the film and then says - "Heard once that an Indian director was trying to do it but haven't heard anything since." Well the Indian director is Anand Gandhi and he did make it happen.

Again I am not linking this to the book in terms of clues, but it is a nice Easter egg to tie us into the real world.

You can read more about the film on IMDB and see the official Facebook page

If you have seen the film why not let us know your thoughts on it and parallels to the book.


  1. I've found another interesting connection - to Hitchcock's Vertigo. Argosy is the name of the bookstore in that film. Some of the themes/symbolism include falling (there are several falling deaths in the film), flowers (flowers ch1 p7 seem kind of random), the color green (ch1 p17 Sola wearing an emerald green dress), spirals (in ch6 and ch8). Hitchcock also used MacGuffins as plot devices (Carlotta Valdes is one in the film), birds (char named Elster - German for magpie). There are others as well. There's a Wikipedia page about Hitchcock themes & plot devices that's very interesting.

    It's probably not anything to do with the in-game mysteries as Vertigo was made in the1950's, after SoT was written, but interesting nonetheless!

  2. Don't know if the Pollard State University and real word connections have been discussed previously. I look at this here: PSU and Real World Connections


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