Friday, 15 November 2013

Friday Catchup

First of all we have a possible / probable solution to the footnote code in chapter 10 of the book.

In the comments "The Fourth" gave a solution, followed up by some extra info from ObFuSc8.

As this is something in the book that isn't explicit in the book I will put it in spoiler tags just below in case you don't want to read about it just yet.

Click here to see the possible answer

In the first footnote for Chapter 10 the words "Spinning Wheel" and "locate" are in italics, so this points us straight at the Eotvos wheel contained in the book.

If you work out the locations referenced from the footnotes and write down the 5 letter codes in a grid you get a message -

Which if you read left to right top to bottom is


There is still the question of the location of the 6th column, as the footnote mentions Calais but the coordinates for Calais France do not match the code necessary to make the whole string work fully - L O N L E

The list of locations is -

1 - Bergan, Norway - 60N, 5E - I Y B W U
2 - Biabou, St. Vincent - 13 N, 61 W - HOEIT
3 - Portland, Or - 45 N, 123 W - AUGLO
4 - Thunkar, Bhutan - 27 N, 91 E - VFILT
5 - Santiago, Spain - 33 S, 70 W - ERNLH
6 - Calais, France - 51 N, 0 E - XBTUP (??)
7 - Morondava, Madagascar - 20 S, 44 E - OMIVE
8 - Havana, Cuba - 23 N, 82 W - VTNEN
9 - Sofia, Bulgaria - 42.70 N, 23.33 E (approx) - E H G Y D
10 - New York City - 44 N, 73 W - DEIO*

You can see the discussion on the Eotvos wheel code page, Click here to see the first comment and then scroll down slightly to see the post by ObFuSc8

Next, not really book related, Mr Toasty has kindly set up an IRC room for us to chat in about S if we want to - Straka IRC

Then we had an interesting tweet from @sFileSerin, who said if you look at this website for UViRCO Technologies, the name Vaclav Straka and CORIOLIS General Trading is mentioned.

I'm sure it is a complete coincidence, but fun never the less.
Finally for now is this article from the San Marcos Mercury

It interviews Doug Dorst and talks about the secrecy behind the books creation.

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