Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Isla Files

Our old friend @JuriMoller mentioned this Tumblr Blog - The ISLA Files.

As we know Isla is a key figure in the story of Jen and Eric and almost Jen's nemesis in her story, she is also searching for Straka with Moody.

The blog is mostly just information we have seen before, but it does have this video from You Tube which is supposedly a confession from Summersby purporting to be V M Straka.

According to the Eotvos Wheel website list of candidates Victor Martin Summersby has odds of 15-1 of actually being Straka.

There is a comment on the video - "I cannot disclose where this recording was found, please do not contact me. The book that is coming out is missing some key details that some of us have known for many years. I needed this recording to be heard."

I do not know if this website is from the "Real" Isla Dirks, but it was seemingly set up in April this year and the post about the video was on the 20th of October, well before S. was released, however the video was only uploaded on the 28th of October so there is a discrepancy there.

This got me thinking about other Social Media accounts that may be out there for us to find.

There are a few twitter accounts that may be of interest, and even one for Straka himself !





Most of these accounts were set up very recently (5th Nov) so I am not convinced they are something we should be focusing on at the moment, but possibly worth keeping an eye on.

While looking for those I came across another blog looking at the Mysteries of S. which coincidentally I have just noticed Brandt Warsley had posted a comment mentioning the same blog.

Glad to know there are others searching for answers.


  1. Very cool! I haven't taken a look at the video yet.

    I found a couple of the Twitter account you posted, but didn't really know what to make of them.

  2. Nice one!
    ** Spoiler alert**

    The ship in the video would appear to be the:
    SS United States

    1. Or at least 'Identity Unknown' s avatar is..

    2. The ship that is used in the video is the SS Kronprinzessin Cecilie. link The site notes that the photo was taken when "Entering Bar Harbor, Maine, in August 1914, shortly after the outbreak of World War I. She is wearing the funnel colors of the British White Star Line to deceive British cruisers.Seized by the U.S. Government in April 1917,Kronprinzessin Cecilie served as USS Mount Vernonfrom July 1917 until September 1919." link

  3. When looking at the profile for "Identity Unknown" it looks like pics of the crime scene from Havana (as per the Eotvos blog) -- but there seems to be one part with some color to it -- sort of yellow. Perhaps trying to highlight something from the original photos? I can't make out anything in the originals that mean anything... thoughts?

    1. Yes that did occur to me as well, like you I haven't been able to see anything significant where the mark is though.

    2. There is another discrepancy in that header image, on the wall at the back left there is a mark on the wall (or possibly just the photograph) that doesn't appear on the website version.

    3. I created a comparison of the header and the EW website version - Click here to see it

    4. maybe I'm making it look like something because of the book -- but almost looks like a small yellow bird looking to the left, on some sort of little stand.

    5. Those pictures are actually quite different. I took the picture from Eotvos Wheel and the header from YouTube and attempted to match them up, but they don't exactly. They seem to be take from different angles/distances. Was there a video of that scene? (maybe they're 2 different frames from a video) Also, there seems to be a huge crack on the left wall in the YouTube banner (let alone that bright yellow thing).

  4. So, the name of the site (and the character) is 'Ilsa', but the URL has 'isla' = island. Significant? Maybe we're looking for that pirate treasure after all... ;)


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