Friday, 8 November 2013

Parallels in S.

When we started the blog we didn't really see ourselves as a literary review team, as I don't think we had enough experience or training to do that.

However we have received this nice comparison of characters from Nimy Leshinski and I thought you might appreciate reading them too. Needless to say that this covers insights from the entire book so you may possibly class the information as spoilers if you haven't already read the entire book.

If you have any insights or reviews you would like to share we are more than happy to receive them and publish a selection of them if we can.

The information below covers the parallels in S.

Theseus > Straka > Eric

- All three navigate a maze to take on a monster, though they're hopelessly outmanned. With Theseus, it's the labyrinth and the Minotaur. With Straka, it's the deceptions and Bouchard. With Eric, it's the codes and Moody.

Ariadne > Filomela > Jen

- All three help their man through the maze by giving clues, yet they cannot participate themselves. With Ariadne, it's the ball of thread, which is where the term 'clue' originates. With Filomela, it's the footnotes in the book. With Jen, it's the margin notes.

Ship of Theseus > The S.

- As with the 'Ship of Theseus' paradox, the S. always exists, despite its members constantly getting replaced. This stretches back all the way to the writing of The Archer's Tales, or maybe even to Greek mythology, as the Theseus title would suggest. Admittedly, this one's pretty obvious.

Vaclav Straka > Eric

- Both men 'die' while young, only to be reborn in secret and with a new name/identity. With Straka, it's a literal death, and later, the emergence of the V.M. Straka identity. With Eric, it's the death of his academic career, and later, its rebirth.

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  1. I love all the connections you've made! One "out of the book" link for me was the Magnum photo co-op and S. RadioStraka brings up Magnum, and it seemed it might be another group fighting the controllers, like S, but photographers rather than writers. Like the other ships that S____ sees at the end of SoT.


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