Monday, 11 November 2013

Footnotes 9-10

Thinking about the Eotvos Wheel and potential clues to the code to decode it these two footnotes jumped out at me.

They are the only two chapters with footnotes 9 and 10 on the same page, and they do seem to allude to a code of some sort. That combined with the Eotvos Wheel website saying lots of Santorini man pages were 9-10 is looking more like a deliberate pointer rather than a coincidence.

Page 225 Footnote 9 again has an instance of 19 - "He argued that while these were separate conceptions of individual identity, they were equally true, as were seventeen other “Lesser Variant-Selves” between those two endpoints."

Jen also underlines the name and two dates "Mariusz Mytych (b. 1853 or 1854)" she says Mytych doesn't exist and that the 60 + 24 are what is important, which don't correspond to the dates that are part of the Nihilist Cipher used in that chapter.

Page 225 footnote 10, the only thing that seems significant is - "I do not know whether Straka would have agreed, but one could argue that this conflict is at the very heart of the book you are now reading." Possibly alluding to an underlying mystery.

I can't read anything relevant into Footnote 9 on page 270, so if anyone has any theories please let us know.

Looking at footnote 10 on page 270 I think the relevant part of the footnote is - "but modifying its suite of disorientations to include the additional dimension of Time"

A possible reference to the date being significant to the code being deciphered as well as the longitude and latitude of the locations we have seen, both in the Santorini Man murder locations and the locations in Ship of Theseus.

Where does this leave us ? not very far forward I'm afraid I have tried combinations of the date year to get a digit between 1 and 5 to read a single letter from the wheel code, but have not managed to find any combination or calculation that is plausible. Of course we may need to take the whole line of the code at the selected location and use them in something like a Railfence or Play fair cipher as people have suggested, however this would drastically limit the amount of coded messages that the wheel could produce for us.

Any suggestions and theories on this are more than welcome.

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  1. Good call on noting when FN 9 and 10 were on the same page! Probably something in there that we'll need at some point! I was confused as well by the numbers Jen wrote that didn't coincide with the dates in the FN.

    As for what key word to possibly use for the Santorini code -- maybe something from the radio straka broadcasts? Haven't had a chance to listen to them closely yet, but I thought he was talking about the Santorini deaths in it. Seems if the deaths are a code/message (from... who? The S? to whom?) then the key word would come from the same person or group. So, I doubt we'll find the key word from something specifically that Jen or Eric writes (unless quoting another source), since they were not responsible for the killings, and therefore, would not have been a part of the group/person creating that message.


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