Friday, 15 November 2013

S. Book Signing

There is quite a lot to catch up on from yesterday, but lets start with the big event, the book signing in Waterstones Piccadilly, London.

It was a really well managed event, and although not huge amounts of people were queuing initially there was certainly lots of interest. I arrived around 3pm and some friends had been there since around midday so they were right at the start of the queue, one of those friends was the Bad Robot you can see in the video below.

I have edited a few photographs and a little video together, so please take a look, it shows a flavour of what happened without you having to wait for 5 hours on the streets of London !

Overall the signing was excellent and J J Abrams was fantastic to all who wanted to talk to him. I mentioned the blog and he thanked us for creating it and the fact that S-Files is in the book :-)

There were quite a few books signed for the three of us in the queue but as you can see in the video there was one special book signed and you could own it, if you can wait until next year.

As the inscription says it is for Cancer Gets LOST, which is a charity set up by two of the biggest LOST fans I know. Read all about the charity and the plans for the next event, which will be in September 2014, at


  1. That's so wonderful. Enjoyed following the tweets yesterday. Glad to hear that he recognized your efforts at SFiles22s. Especially generous is the donation (by our costumed friend) of S. signed by JJ for the benefit of Caner Gets LOST auction next September.

  2. This is fantastic!, brought the first smile I've worn in weeks.

    1. Very happy to see you posting here. Keep smiling. :-D

    2. Glad we could help just a little bit, great to see you here.

    3. Hi there! Have been thinking of you-hope things look up soon!

    4. Hello and (((hugs))). Thinking of you here too.


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