Friday, 8 November 2013

Eotvos Wheel Website Update

A few short hours of sleep between investigating the mysteries of S. and look what happens.

It seems that all our efforts have been noticed by J.W.Dominguez and he / she has decided to post some more updates on the Eotvos Wheel Website.

Apparently it has been a rough few years since the last post there, but the current level of interest has prompted a new post.

The information is split into two parts, first some information created a few years ago, but never published, but then the second half has some more recent information.

The information is all about the Santorini Man which we first learned about via Radio Straka, there were two waves of killings that fitted the same pattern, a man is washed up on shore with a page from one of V M Straka's books.

There is an evidence photograph of the first Santorini man and @0bFuSc8 on twitter has said the Greek words are - Ιούλιος = July Σαντορίνη = Santorini and we have another 19 reference - 19th of July 1936.

In fact the post mentions the appearance of 19 as some of the pages in the pockets of these men are 9-10.

@0bFuSc8 also mentions that "There's discrepancy b/n book & website. p74 SoT Eric says page found is from Miracle at Braxenholm" - Is this a deliberate mistake or a clue ?

@WorkroomB19 also reminds us that Radio Straka mentions the Braxenholm page in connection with the Santorini Man.

However the most recent update is that there may be a third wave of killings happening right now (that is underlined on the site !).

There is another evidence picture on the site and quite a large list of places and dates for us to look at.

If you have any theories as to the significance of this new information then please let us know in the comments.

List of Dates / Locations from this post

City and Date
Coordinates + Code

Santorinini, Greece - July 19, 1936
The Black Nineteen
36N 25E - K . O G .
Eric says this is May 1936 on page 74 of S. and the torn page was from Miracle at Braxenholm.

Shizuoka, Japan March 1937
The Cordillera, French edition, p. 179-180
34N 138E - Blank ?
33N 138E Gives O R . O S

Namibe, Angola December 1937
The Square, edition & page not noted
15S 12E - V F I L T

Antofagasta, Chile April 1939
Triptych of Mirrors, German edition, p. 9-10
23S 70W - B E J F .

Florence, Oregon September 1941
Lopevi, UK English edition, p. 231-232
43N 124W - L G . . Z

Tumbatu Island, Zanzibar August 1942
Washington & Greene, edition & page not noted
6S 39E - X G L D Y

Egersund, Norway September 1942
Hanging the Dead, Swedish edition, p. 9-10
58N 5E - NO CODE

Burnie, Tasmania April 1944
The Painted Cave, Czech edition, page # not noted
41S 145E - D E I O .

Todos Santos, Mexico May 1946
Wineblood’s Mine, Portuguese edition, p. 379-380
23N 110W - D E I O .
Not a perfect alignment, 22N is better

Abaco Island, The Bahamas May 1946
Miracle at Braxenholm, Dutch edition, p. 153-154)
26N 77W - V T N E N

Udupi, India October 1948
The Viper’s Humour, Spanish edition, p. 9-10
13N 74E - X G L D Y
Not a perfect alignment, 12N is better

Rio Grande, Brazil July 1949
The Santana March, German edition, p. 89-90
32S 52W - No Code
There is a code at 34S or 30S

Juist, Germany October 1951
The Night Palisades, US English edition, p. 9-10
53N 6E - X B T U P

Antofagasta, Chile April 1963
Triptych of Mirrors, German edition, p. 9-10
23S 70W - B E J F .
Not a perfect alignment, 22S is better

Salalah, Oman (“Santorini Woman”) November 1963
The Black Nineteen, Norwegian edition, p. 217-218
17N 54E - . U S S A

Ningde, China December 1967
Coriolis, Portuguese edition, p. 693-692
26N 119E - L . H . .
Not a perfect alignment, 27N is better

Quepos, Costa Rica April 1971
Miracle at Braxenholm, Spanish edition, p. 155-156
9N 84W - Q L R . .
Not a perfect alignment, round up to 85W and this is ok

Dikson, Russia - February 1974 (In Ice)
A Hundred Aprils in Amritsar, Italian edition, p. 109-110
73N 80E - R N B F H
Not a perfect alignment

Sidi Ifni, Morocco October 1977
The Winged Shoes of Emydio Alves, Korean edition, p. 9-10
29N 10W - W Y . G E

Barcelona, Spain October 2011
The Spotted Cat, Japanese edition, p. 145-146
41N 2E - No Code

Ambergris Caye, Belize January 2012
The Brigade, Czech edition, p. 99-100
18N 87W - H B C I W
Not a perfect alignment 17N is better

Cameroon February 2012
The Black Nineteen, 1965 US English edition, p. 9-10
7N 12E - E R N L H

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia March 2012
Ship of Theseus, Portuguese edition, p. 9-10
43N 66W - D E I O .


  1. The page numbers seem to go along with the story idea that Straka may have put the 9+10 (Black Hand 19) pages, and Bouchard the random ones-the Agent randomly tore pages from a book in SoT to use later I would presume.

    1. Though- the last one- the Yarmouth Man- was a writer with the 9-10 page. I don't know why Straka would be eliminating a writer.

  2. Looking forward to going over this when I get home from work today! Thanks for the update!

  3. Just my thought, J W Dominguez writes very much like Radio Straka talks... #whoisJWDominguez #whoisRadioStraka #whoisStraka #whoarethenewnewS #headspin

  4. Assuming I've worked out the co-ordinates / letters correctly I would say we are looking for 4 words as there are 3 no code places.

    There is one line that is used 3 times "D E I O ." this is probably the key to finding the correct letter to choose in the sequence of 5.

    To my mind the date is the only other significant difference between them all, I think the book references are a red herring as we have no way of looking at those books and we don't know the page numbers from them all.

  5. If Dominguez is sending the message, the he would have to be creating the locations of Santorini Men to fit the wheel lat/long. In other words, backwards engineering the narrative. Which is fine, just a observation. Maybe you have to separate the Straka from the Agents to get the correct order, but you have inconclusive "who done it" info for several.

  6. How did you look up coordinates? I used google search and went to xx.x with degree/coordinate, and am occasionally getting a different code set than you. Difficult to be precise sometimes, but unsure how to know which would be correct. (ex: for Antofagasta, Chile, I got coords 23.6S and 70.4W, which comes up with code BEJF- )

    1. Hi, yes you are right about Antofagasta, not sure what I was looking at originally.

      If there are any more discrepancies please let us know.

      It should simply be a case of lining up the N / S and E / W coordinates on the wheel, but as they go backward and forward it can be a little tricky to get the right place sometimes.

    2. I do have several discrepancies so far. I've only done the First Wave, so let me check out the rest and see what I get. I have no idea which is right! Also noticed - Antofagasta, Chile is the only location that has 2 killings (First Wave, #4 in April 1939, and Second Wave, #1 in April again, 1963.) Mean something? Or maybe just because they needed that set of coordinates twice for the code? Maybe April, Chile, or Antafogasta is the key word once we figure out the type of cipher? Maybe not - that seems a long stretch... Just thinking out loud here :)

    3. Ok, so the only two differences I'm seeing are for Shizuoka, Japan; and Cameroon. For Shizuoka I have 34.9 N 138.3 E giving a BLANK, but closer to OR-OS if anything; and for Camerron I have 5.1 N 11.9 E, also a BLANK, but closer to -CFJ-. I'll keep both sets of letters around, as it is SO close, to be off by just a small fraction.

    4. Yes I can see the Japan one was incorrect, and I've updated it.

      Can you let me know where you got the Cameroon coordinates from as I get 7N 12E on a few searches I've tried.

    5. (so supposed to be doing my morning exercise... darn this addicting book/game! *lol*)

      I just type "Cameroon coordinates" in to google search. But, that's a large country, so it is hard to zero in on a specific location, and none was givin with the Santorini death. Its capital, Yaoundé, has coordinates 3.867°N 11.517°E per the wikipedia page. But I can think of no reason we should assume the capital as the coordinates...

  7. I've put whole coordinates in the table as they appear in the search I was using, Where there is not a precise alignment I've assumed that the minutes and seconds if used to their most accurate will position things perfectly.

    The main exception to this is Quepos, Costa Rica where it is technically 84, but it comes out at 84.9 on the search so it is really 85 for all intents and purposes.

    If there is any debate about which coordinates to use for a particular city, then please let us know.

    1. As I am writing out the letters, it seems to be lining up similarly to the Nihilist code (chpt 6) where it's five letters across. I wonder if there's a clue about what TYPE of cipher this may be. (the FNs would give a coded word for the TYPE of cipher it was) -- I wonder how to know what sort of code this is...

    2. Do we have to try all the types used in the book and see if any of them reveal something, trouble is key words and numbers are many and various so it might be a bit of random chance getting the right answer.

    3. Dari, I had an idea on the Wheel page on maybe how to use the wheel. It might work with these locations as well if it is at all right.

    4. Have tried bracket idea on these locations, with 14 rails- not working at all. 14 rails is a lot- you really just get the letters going in a line. Also filled in no codes with closest one- so tose may be wrong. But not close really to words at this point.

  8. On twitter @Archie_V says - "Sloppy anachronism in the 1946 evidence photos. Ilford HP5 film wasn't introduced until 1975. (In '46 it would have been H.P.2.)"

    and "Deliberately sloppy? Are we being told the whole Havana story was a false trail laid after 1975?"

    1. Interesting, and nice catch. Ilford HP Film

      I don't know enough about photography & film, but you wouldn't for some reason use more recent film to make copies, would you?

      I'm not sure whether to think it is a false trail, or whether it's an actual mistake in mistake in mocking up the Havana pics. We haven't really done much, either with the pics themselves, or the information regarding Straka's supposed death.

  9. There is an "s" on the shoe of the bride (wedding picture further down) in the Santorini man post on The Eotvos Wheel blog. There is also something on her veil.

    1. Looks like the faces are switched as well and is that scotch broom in the bouquet (Oregon & Europe link)?

  10. Worth noting that this entry seems strongly influenced by Taman Shud, the real-life case of a mystery man found on a beach with a book page in his pocket.

    The real life mystery is unresolved and (IMHO) even more interesting than the mysteries raised by Santorini man.


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