Friday, 1 November 2013

Pinterested in S. ?

This note on page 14 was pointed out by Jojo in the comments of the S. Discussion

Jojo also points out that there is someone on Pinterest, called Juri Moller with a board that lists places where the S symbol has been seen throughout history.

I actually saw the board a few days ago when @MollerJuri replied to a tweet that @Tess315 sent about the book. I looked up Juri's Pinterest page and it looked interesting, but at the time I had no spare moment to look further and I filled it under interesting but not linked.

So when I read Jojo's comment about page 14 I decided to look further.

Juri's bio on Twitter says he is from "Frederiksberg, Danmark" so that fits with the book. The pictures on Pinterest look quite convincing, although some possibly a little too good to be true, the fact that the site mentions a pin from Nazca is the one thing that sells this as a potential to be a direct connection to the book. This pin was pinned on the 22nd of October so well before the book or the Radio Straka transmissions took place.

The accounts have all been set up recently and don't have much unrelated to S, apart from one retweet from the Rolling Stone magazine "50 musicians on Instagram". One tweet simply says "05 JUNE '46" which as we know is when V M Straka disappeared. This tweet was sent on the 28th of October, S. was released on the 29th and I don't believe the Radio Straka broadcasts mentioned this date before the book was released.

Please feel free to discuss this site in the comments, and let me know what you think, can you find any other occurrences of S out in the real world, and do the pictures on the board lead to other potential clues to Straka ?


  1. Ugh - just replied in the "S" discussion post. To many posts, too little time ;)

    I saw RadioStraka tweet this account the other day. But I'm not completely convinced this is an authentic "in game" account. While the pinterest account started pinning pics before Oct 29th book release, the twitter handle was only registered Oct 30th and there is no associated website. I'm going to be (as Eric advised) :)

    I've tweeted Juri and asked if he has a website besides the pinterest board. Though he may not answer as this may be something we need to find ourselves.

    There's what might be a ciphertext in one of the Chap2 footnotes that I haven't had any luck deciphering yet. It could yield a website URL.

    1. Uh, duh FUNFURHERZEN = FIVE HEARTS in German (p52 FN) -- Five must figure into the Chap2 footnote puzzle some how.

  2. At least one of the photos is a complete photoshop job, Lalibela, Ethiopia. Rock-cut cathedral.

    This is a stock photo that has been manipulated.

    This photo, São Francisco River. Ana Luisa connections?, Handkerchief. Sheffield, England. have loads of meta (Exif) data

    "Champagne bottle." also has loads of meta data and also something that looks like a big block of encrypted text, going to look at that tomorrow.

    One photo links to a Pinterest page and website that do not yet exist -

    The rest either have very little exif data or practically none.

    1. could be interesting link. !

    2. I wondered if this might be intended to be related to Jen (she mentions a library science class was her fave sophomore year) but the link still isn't working.

      A quick whois search says the domain is still available.

    3. I did wonder if that Pinterest site is meant for us to make our own content and upload.

      I'm going to upload a pic of the arch, and see what happens

  3. Ah ok, I looked at what I thought was code and it was just Decimal Ascii, when decoded it shows the XML data of the original photo which takes you to -

    The original un manipulated photo is there, as well as some other photo's with S on them, but not the S we are looking for.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I think this is info about the wine itsef - again prob not related as they just used pic.

      But just in case:

    3. I think this is info about the wine itsef - again prob not related as they just used pic.

      But just in case:

  4. Maybe champagne cork is reference to Chapter 6 Sleeping Dog footnote 13, according to MacInnes, "bottle of 1866 Chateau Hirondelle des Granges guarantees him the favor of anyone with whom he shares it ..."

  5. There may be alterations to the pics indication a form of old school stegonography. -- looking now.

  6. I found the original stock photo "for São Francisco River. Ana Luisa connections?"

    Coal Barge on the Yangtze River in China - Stock Image

    The name "ANA LUISA" has been added, and the flag changed in color from red to pale blue/gray.

    I thought I'd see specific alterations to the life preservers / tires, but nope, they're in the same places.

  7. Stock photo for Tattoed Lady pic ("Location unknown. Origin of tattoo unknown.")

    The Borneo Tribal Tattoo Designs » Tribal Tattoos

    1. I don't see any changes to this one.

    2. The S above the ankle is not in the original

    3. Heh. I see that now, thanks.

  8. Stock photo for pic of painting of Christ:

    Resurrection, fresco in the Sansepolcro Cathedral - Stock Image

    The "S" symbol has been added.

    Sansepolcro Cathedral (Duomo di Sansepolcro) is in Tuscany, Italy : Sansepolcro Cathedral

    I don't see this actual painting listed anywhere in the wiki entry though.

  9. Stock photo for Nacza Peru pic:

    Had to laugh when I saw the spider because, at 1st, I thought they took this from a Spiderman ARG pic.

  10. 2 sites come up for the Berlin Wall pic, (though I can't actually locate the photo on either)

    It looks like they may have added the entire wall with the "S"

  11. Stock photo for the Modern Day China pic:

    Chinese Lanterns - Stock Image

    Interestingly it seems that "19" was already on the stock pic.

    They've added the "S" symbol and a lantern to partially block it.

  12. There are now 2 more boards:
    -Straka's books
    -Straka history

    I think they are B19's boards (twitter @WorkroomB19) that Moller has followed.

    It seems like WorkroomB19 is a fan account.

  13. What is pleasantly creepy, is that the "Moller" name is part of my heritage. Denmark is a small country. Is Juri Moller an actual person?

    1. We don't know I'm afraid, and have no real way of finding out at the moment.

    2. Juri Moller is almost certainly not real. I'm Danish and Juri is _not_ a normal Danish name. Moller would usually be Møller in Danish, although that could be for "compatibility". But combined with the age of the first images - I'm not in doubt. The page is official.

      In fact, there are:
      37 people named Juri,
      7 m+f named Moller,
      30.215 named Møller,

      Juri + Moller/Møller is listed as "2 or fewer" due to privacy protection.

      But Frederiksberg, Danmark is in Copenhagen and his Profile picture on Pinterest is the logo of "Football Club Copenhagen" - FCK


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